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Your car is a very valuable asset. It is also dangerous if you don’t use it correctly. If anything happens to the vehicle, or if you cause harm to others while behind the wheel, the losses could prove costly.

Rather than paying for such losses on your own, turn to car insurance to obtain the necessary funds. It will provide financial help when you face vehicle mishaps you can’t anticipate. Work with Action Insurance Company if you want top-rated coverage that will always keep you safe on the road.

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What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance pays for vehicle damage and other driving losses following unintentional and unexpected accidents. It therefore lifts a considerable cost burden off the policyholder. Rather than paying for the full damage out-of-pocket, customers can let their policy cover some (or even all) of the resulting costs.

Your policy might help you pay for:

  • Damage to your own car
  • Damage to the vehicles of third parties
  • Injuries to other parties
  • Your personal injuries and those of your passengers
  • Supplementary costs, such as rental cars, roadside assistance and glass repairs

With coverage, you won’t put yourself in an insecure position when trying to clean up after a loss.

The Coverage In Your Policy

Most car insurance policies can contain a variety of coverage. You might benefit from:

  • Liability Insurance: This insures you against damage you cause others if you are at fault for a wreck. Most policies cover bodily injuries and property damage.
  • Collision Insurance: This covers damage to your own vehicle after a wreck.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: This pays for vehicle damage from non-accident mishaps, such as weather or fire damage. Coverage will also usually insure vandalism damage and theft losses.
  • Personal Injury (PIP) Protection/Medical Coverage: This pays for your medical bills and, usually, those of your passengers.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Insurance: This insures you against personal damage caused by someone else who doesn’t have appropriate liability coverage.

What We Recommend

Both Oregon and Washington require registered drivers to have certain types of car insurance. You must carry liability coverage, and each state mandates how much minimum coverage a policy must offer.

Still, it is better if you don’t carry only the state’s required liability minimums. It might not provide you with adequate help in case of an at-fault accident. You therefore generally need higher liability limits.

We encourage all drivers to carry at least:

  • $100,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $300,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $100,000 property damage liability coverage

Rest assured that when you come to us, we’ll help you meet all state requirements while still tailoring your protection to the most-beneficial levels for you.

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Car insurance is critical to your safety. That’s why Action Insurance Company wants to make sure all Beaver State and Evergreen State residents can get the coverage that is perfect for their driving needs. Whenever you hit the road, you’ll never have to worry about your security.

Don’t hesitate to get a quote on a personalized car insurance policy right now! Contact us at (503) 659-1307 or get started online!