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The new year brings a lot of change, and 2020 in Oregon is looking a lot different for business vehicles. The state is turning its focus to commercial vehicles in its latest push to "Keep Oregon Moving" — which is a new funding program for transportation. READ MORE >>

As your business grows, so will your staff — and so will your business insurance needs. You can essentially break down your hired hands into three categories: Freelancers, contractors and employees. Freelancers and contractors have a lot of overlap. But they have enough differences to be categorized separately. READ MORE >>

As its name suggests, Portland, Oregon resides near the coast, which brings about unique issues for homeowners. Mold, rain and wildfires all present challenges to Oregon homeowners that need to be anticipated and protected against. How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Portland, Oregon? READ MORE >>

Have you ever seen a huge difference in your car insurance quote just to move within the same city? The reason is that some areas may be riskier to drive in than others. Therefore, your zip code could cause your rates to climb, or drop depending on where you go. Risk Determines Insurance Rates READ MORE >>

If you operate a business in which trucks, vans, cars, or other motor vehicles are necessary, you need commercial auto insurance. A challenge to this type of coverage, however, is that you have several different options to choose from. Below, we will explain the different types of commercial auto insurance and what types your business should have. READ MORE >>

West Linn, OR is known for having a temperate, dry summer. However, as fall and winter approach, the city's precipitation levels usually spikes. The average annual rainfall increases from 1.6 inches in September to 7.3 inches in December. Therefore, as we get deeper into the cooler seasons, the chances of water damage to your home might increase. READ MORE >>

Teen drivers typically are some of the highest risk drivers. This can make their auto insurance policies more expensive. Finding a few discounts can help to reduce that cost to you. The good student discount is a popular option. It is available from numerous car insurance agencies. READ MORE >>

Here in Hillsboro, we know a thing or two about running a business. We're part of Oregon's Silicon Forest, home to major tech companies and commercial enterprises. But we're also famous for our thriving small business environment and cultural opportunities. READ MORE >>

If you own a duplex, you own a residential property that two people share. Most of the time, a property owner buys the entire building. The owner then either rents out both halves, or rents one unit and lives in the other one. As a duplex is a unique type of property, you need a customized home insurance policy for it. READ MORE >>

Deer are often unpredictable animals that occupy many areas around our homes. The Insurance Information Institute states that the risk of being in a car collision with a deer can be as high as 1 in every 46 drivers in certain areas. When one of these collisions does occur, what should you do at that moment? READ MORE >>

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