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Auto detailers take possession of a person's vehicle, use specialized equipment to clean it, and then return it to its rightful owner. The process may seem risk-free, but there are actually a number of different risks present. To minimize those risks, consider how a business owner's policy (BOP) can work for you. READ MORE >>

Why Should You Consider Critical Illness Insurance? Does your client's health insurance coverage provide for day-to-day living expenses if one of their valued active employees, retirees or a covered loved ones become seriously ill? Our flexible critical illness benefit can assist employees with the myriad of READ MORE >>

We're able to offer group life insurance for employees & employers through Transamerica.  Group life insurance product can either be a term policy or permanent policy.  Transamerica group life insurance has limited underwriting, no HEALTH exams, guaranteed issue availability based on enrollment participation & group size. READ MORE >>

We are very excited to offer any individual to obtain auto & home quotes from up to 7 different top rated insurance companies from our website.  This gives the individual to shop their own insurance at their leisure and purchase auto or home insurance through one of our agents.  READ MORE >>

With annual increasing medical cost for employers group plans, the following options employer take to lower their cost: 1. Raise deductible at renewal 2. Eliminate some benefits in their medical plans 3. Lay-off employees READ MORE >>

With the rising cost of health insurance, individuals and businesses are force to increase their deductible to help off-set the increased premium.  Problem with this scenario is when you raise your health insurance deductible, the individual is exposed to higher out of pocket cost in the event of a catastrophic event. READ MORE >>

Disability Insurance Education - Disability Insurance Facts & Statistics Why You Cannot Afford to Lack Disability Insurance Coverage Each year, 1 person in 8 will suffer disability (Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners) READ MORE >>

Of course, nobody is ever likely to shed too many tears about the tough life of the average insurance company. Even so, it may be worth bearing in mind a few facts about their view of life – it may help you to benefit through more cost-attractive and suitable motorbike insurance solutions. READ MORE >>

Most Americans aren’t healthy—and they aren’t getting any better not following the advice of their primary care doctors. According to a TeleVox Healthy World Report, “A Fragile Nation in Poor Health,” three out of four Americans (83 percent) admit they don’t follow treatment plans they’ve been given by their doctor exactly as prescribed. READ MORE >>

Making a car insurance claim is usually seen as a big hassle and people generally dread the possibility of making a car insurance claim. There are generally two major reasons why people hesitate from making car insurance claims if the claim is a small one. READ MORE >>

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