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May 23, 2019

What To Do After You Strike A Deer

Deer are often unpredictable animals that occupy many areas around our homes. The Insurance Information Institute states that the risk of being in a car collision with a deer can be as high as 1 in every 46 drivers in certain areas.

When one of these collisions does occur, what should you do at that moment? There are a few steps to consider to help you in this event.

Ensure Your Safety First

The moment after you strike a deer, don’t move or try to leave the area. Instead, make sure you are safe and that any people in your vehicle are okay. Call for emergency help right away if anyone suffers an injury. It is also important to call if another vehicle or someone else’s property has damage. You need to make sure a full police report occurs documenting what happened.

Sometimes, deer will run off after a collision like this. In other times, they have injuries. It is best to call the police to report any instance in which the animal is unable to move. They can help manage that situation.

Detail What Happened Thoroughly

Your Action Insurance Company agent may be able to help you. If you hit a deer, your comprehensive auto insurance generally covers the cost of repairs. However, if you swerve at the last minute and strike a tree or a guardrail instead, your collision auto insurance covers the costs. In all cases, it is best to contact your agent to learn what you need to do.

It is important to take photos of the vehicle, the surrounding area, and the deer, if present. Be sure to keep your vehicle in the location until you have documentation. If you are blocking traffic, move to the side of the road (if safe to do so). Once you have pictures of the incident, gather any witness statements available. Report all of this to your agent.

Will Your Accident Have Coverage?

In most situations, your auto insurance covers these types of incidents as long as you did not cause them. If you tried to chase down the deer in your vehicle, on the other hand, your policy would not provide coverage. Your agent is likely to work closely with you to learn more about what happened. Be sure to include information about any injuries, damage to the car, and damage to any property associated with the incident.

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