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Business Insurance

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Running a business costs money. You also rely on smooth operations to make the money to meet those costs. Don’t lose opportunities because an unavoidable occurrence puts your operations or finances in a bind. Enroll in business insurance to gain peace of mind after such accidents. Let Action Insurance Company help you find the tailored coverage that is the perfect fit.

Business Insurance In Brief

A damaging incident might come along at any moment to wipe out everything you have worked to achieve. Such an incident might put your profits and productivity on the line. That could spell hardships, or even ruin, as you try to pick up the pieces.

With the right business insurance in place, you won’t have to shell out countless dollars trying to rebuild after a problem occurs. Instead, your policy can pay for some, most or all necessary repairs. It will absorb a lot of the cost risks you might have otherwise encountered without coverage.

How Much Do I Need?

All business insurance will come with different types and amounts of financial incentives. Usually, the larger or more valuable your operations, the more monetary protection you need. However, rather than asking about coverage limits right of the bat, instead ask your agent What coverage do I need?

Business insurance isn’t just one policy, like car or home insurance. Full protection is made up of multiple policies, each insuring various parts of your operation. One of Action Insurance’s agents can help you determine the right portfolio for your industry and specific company.

What Are My Coverage Options?

You can think of business insurance in two categories: Asset Protection and Liability Coverage.

  • Asset Protection: This helps you insure items that belong to the business.
    • Property Insurance: This insures your business’s building if you own the space. Coverage might help you rebuild or replace the structure. Coverage will usually also apply to landscaping, company records and possessions within the structure.
    • Commercial Auto Insurance: Most standard auto policies will not cover business vehicles. Professionals who drive for official, standard duties therefore will need business auto insurance. Coverage will contain such elements as auto liability, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/underinsured and medical payments coverage. Whether the business officially owns vehicles, or you use a personal vehicle for work, consider carrying this coverage.
    • Business Interruption Coverage: A hazard in the business might lead to a temporary closure. Still, you might have to pay standard costs — think wages and utilities — in the meantime. You might also have to temporarily relocate. Coverage can apply to these or related costs.
  • Liability Coverage: Your interactions with clients, employees and other parties might lead to personal or financial harm to them. This coverage can help you compensate them. Our liability offerings include:
    • Workers Compensation Coverage: This coverage that applies to employees who get hurt or sick on the job. Coverage can help the injured person receive help with medical bills, or a supplementary income, during their recovery. Workers compensation coverage is among the most important workplace safety regulations, and most states require most businesses to carry it.
    • Business General Liability Coverage: This coverage applies to common accidents that clients or others sustain in the business. Bodily injuries and property damage are the most-common covered elements in these policies. For example, client slips and falls might have coverage under this policy. Coverage can apply to most settlements and any resulting legal fees.
    • Errors & Omissions (E&O) Coverage: Not all harm to clients can be physical. At times, it is a financial loss caused by a mistake you make during services. If such a mistake costs a client, they can use this coverage to recover some or all the lost costs.
    • Directors & Officers (D&O) Protection: Officials, such as CEOs and board members, often face the personal threat of lawsuits for certain mishandled practices. Suits could even target principals’ personal assets. This coverage extends specific liability protection to these parties.
    • Employment Practices Liability: Everyone wants to maintain reputable hiring and retention practices. However, a prospective, current or past employee might allege misconduct, such as discrimination. Coverage can help you reach settlements if you were negligent in the deal.
    • Cyber Liability Insurance: Computer data losses, or cyber theft from hackers, might expose private company and customer information. This coverage can help you settle damage costs, restore systems and provide services like credit and identity monitoring.
    • Product Liability Coverage: If you manufacture items, one of them could harm a user or their other assets. This coverage can apply to costs of settling damages, making repairs and introducing further risk management to prevent accidents in the future.

Ask About A BOP

We offer the convenience of a Business Owners Policy (BOP) package. This is a single policy with a single premium. Still, it will contain multiple business insurance lines in one place.

Most BOPs include:

  • Property Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage
  • Business Interruption Coverage

Premiums are generally very affordable, and we can make policy adaptations and additions to your satisfaction. That’s why this coverage is one of the best options for small business owners. Ask one of our agents about whether the BOP option is right for you.

Here When You Need Us

The team at Action Insurance Company knows how to build the business coverage that is perfect for every customer. We have a combined 40 years in the insurance industry, and we fully understand the intricacies of the business insurance industry. We’ll help you enroll in, maintain and adjust coverage throughout the lifetime of your policy and beyond.

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