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Commercial Auto Insurance

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Commercial Auto Insurance Information

Commercial Auto Insurance

For Businesses In Portland, Vancouver And Areas Across Oregon & Washington

If you operate vehicles for business, you'll probably need commercial auto insurance to help you meet your insurance obligations. You need coverage because problems impacting commercial cars could get very costly. Your policy will help you minimize the challenges that might arise from such occurrences.

Action Insurance Company can help any business owner get a policy to always protect themselves on the road.

What Is Business Auto Insurance Coverage?

In cases of commercial driving problems, drivers might not only place themselves, but also the business in harm's way. That's part of why businesses often need commercial auto insurance.

Coverage applies to the driving risks that any driver could face. Still, it will also apply to specific loss factors that might impact business operations due to a problem. If accidents happen, therefore, the business can use its coverage to pay for such losses, rather than paying out-of-pocket.

Who Needs Business Auto Insurance?

Essentially, anyone who drives for business might need commercial auto policies. Coverage can apply to:

  • Business owners driving vehicles owned by the business
  • Employee drivers using business-owned vehicles (for business and personal use)
  • Drivers who use their personally-owned vehicle for business

What Does Business Auto Insurance Cover?

Just a few of the benefits offered by most commercial auto policies include:

  • Liability Insurance: If a commercial driver is at-fault for an accident, the business might have to pay for the losses of third parties, such as other drivers. Liability insurance will help you do so.
  • Physical Damage Insurance: Coverage usually contain two options. Collision insurance pays for the damage vehicles sustain in wrecks. Damage from theft, vandalism, severe weather and more usually falls under another type of protection called comprehensive coverage.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection: If another driver is at-fault for your losses in accidents, there's always a chance that they might not have adequate liability insurance. This coverage comes on your own policy. It can pay the costs that person might otherwise owe.
  • Medical Coverage: If you or your passengers get hurt, coverage can help them pay for the injury costs that might arise.
  • Rental Car Coverage: If you must rent a car, this coverage can help you cover the resulting costs.
  • Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage: This coverage extends liability coverage to vehicles not owned by the company, but still used for business. For example, if an employee drives their own car for business, the business will be able to use this coverage for their own liability losses.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: If the business transports equipment, cargo or deliveries, this coverage will insure those items.

Policies can also offer named driver coverage. It will help you ensure that everyone who will use a company-owned vehicle has coverage.

Is Commercial Auto Insurance Required?

Both Oregon and Washington require all registered drivers, including commercial drivers, to have car insurance. You must carry at least a minimum amount of auto liability coverage. Commercial drivers with high operating risks might have to carry other coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Does commercial auto insurance cover personal use?

A commercial auto policy can protect the business if someone uses a company-owned vehicle for personal driving. Keep in mind, if someone uses a personally-owned vehicle for work, they might need non-owned liability insurance.

How much does commercial auto insurance cost?

In general, commercial policies are more expensive than personal policies. Still, that doesn't mean you can't get affordable coverage. We're here to help you compare numerous policy options to determine the one that is most-affordable.

Is commercial auto insurance tax deductible?

Business owners can often qualify to deduct their insurance premiums. However, a lot of other rules apply, so talk to your tax preparer before making any deductions.

Who offers commercial auto insurance?

There are many commercial auto policy options on the market, provided by reputable, nationally-recognized insurers. Action Insurance Company makes it easy to compare all those options in one place.

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